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Olerup and Qiagen agree upon a new Joint Improvement Program

Published: 2016-05-31

Olerup and Qiagen have recently agreed upon a new Joint Improvement Program of the QIAxcel® Advanced System for Olerup SSP® data generation and automatic data transferal into the Olerup version of Helmberg- SCORE™. The program encompasses the development of optimized QIAxcel® analysis settings for Olerup SSP® fragments and the design of a new pre-made process profile for customers using Olerup SSP® with the QIAxcel®. The companies will also publish a step by step guide on the complete procedure covering setting up the QIAxcel®, optimized SSP fragment analysis in the Screengel® software, and import of results into Helmberg- SCORE™. Qiagen and Olerup agreed to closely work together to further improve their support of new and existing customers using Olerup SSP® with the QIAxcel® Advanced.

This information was released today by CareDx, the parental company of Olerup. To read more, please open the attached press release. To learn more about CareDx, please visit their web page here