Olerup XM-ONE

Olerup XM-ONE crossmatching provides information on presence of non-HLA antibodies compared to the currently used lymphocyte crossmatch tests.

Olerup XM-ONE Multicenter study

The study showed that the test can detect an antibody population not possible to detect with lymphocyte crossmatch tests that is strongly associated with rejection episodes and reduced kidney function after transplantation. The authors suggests that the crossmatch test can identify patients at risk of antibody-mediated rejections.



Intended Use: XM-ONE is an in vitro diagnostic kit which is used for the isolation of endothelial precursor cells and preparation of samples for analysis of IgM and IgG antibodies specific for these cells.

Precaution: This product is intended to be used by healthcare professionals only. Once used, all materials should be disposed of as bio hazardous waste.

Storage: Magnetic beads and secondary antibodies should always be stored at a temperature between +2°C and +8°C. Vacutainer® CPT Tubes can be stored at 18°C - 25°C temperature. Vacutainer® CPT Tubes should be at 18°C - 25°C temperature when used. All reagents in the kit should be kept away from direct sunlight. The label on the kit displays the expiry date.

Kit contents and reagents: This kit contains components for 4 tests; this includes 4 vials of bead suspension, 4 siliconized glass tubes, 1 vial 400 μl of Anti IgM, 1 vial 400 μl of Anti IgG, 16 BD Vacutainer® Heparin CPT tubes and 1 instruction for use.

Equipment needed: Standard HLA laboratory equipment is sufficient to perform the test. For details please download Equipment needed for the XM-ONE workshop