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Olerup QTYPE®

Olerup QTYPE enables speed and precision in HLA typing at a low to intermediate resolution for samples that require a fast turn-around-time.

TruSight® HLA

TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel provides clinical researchers with a broad-coverage, ultra-high–resolution human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing solution for simple, rapid assessment of the HLA region in a single assay.

Olerup SSP®

Olerup SSP HLA Typing Kits are qualitative in vitro diagnostic kits for the DNA of HLA Class I and HLA Class II alleles.

Olerup SBT™

Olerup SBT product line includes a wide variety of HLA typing kits including approximately 100 HARPS are available for resolving heterozygous ambiguities.

Olerup XM-ONE®

Olerup XM-ONE cross matching provides information on presence of non-HLA antibodies compared to the currently used lymphocyte crossmatch tests.

Products Launching in 2019

AlloSeq® HLA

The next generation of transplant matching. AlloSeq HLA kits provide full coverage of 11 HLA loci and beyond.

AlloSeq® cfDNA

Quantification of donor-derived cell-free DNA in transplant recipients. Measuring the level of donor-derived cell-free DNA may assist in improving transplant surveillance.

AlloSeq® BMT

Advancing bone marrow transplant chimerism testing by providing an NGS based assay. A sensitive assay ideal for high throughput use.