SCORE 6 is a software developed for the analysis of Olerup QTYPE real time data. While having similarities to older versions of the software, the workflow has been reduced and simplified, the graphical user interface updated and functionality for real time analysis added. The database is now powered on an SQL server making it more robust and reliable.

SCORE 6 is only for use with Olerup QTYPE Typing Kits, and not to be used with Olerup SSP Typing Kits.



Helmberg-SCORE 5 is a supportive tool to perform a standardised evaluation of genotyping results on a broad basis. The program relies on the principles of "Virtual DNA Analysis", which allows a combined evaluation of different genotyping techniques. The original article "Virtual DNA Analysis - a new tool for combination and standardised evaluation of SSO, SSP and sequencing based typing results; W. Helmberg, G. Lanzer, R. Zahn, B. Weinmayr, T. Wagner, E. Albert; Tissue Antigens, 51, 587 (1998), was a consequence of a collaboration between UBT, Medical University Graz, and LFI, Klinikum der Universität München.