Assign Software

AlloSeq Assign

The AlloSeq Assign software together with AlloSeq Tx, a targeted hybrid capture NGS sequencing kit, constitute a system for genetic typing and matching in transplantation. Assign imports sequence data from fastq.gz files generated by an Illumina sequencing instrument, creates a consensus sequence per locus for a sample, enables base call review and editing, and compares the consensus sequence with a library of sequences of reference alleles or a single reference sequence depending on the gene being studied.


Assign SBT is a software for analysis of HLA sequences using Sequencing Based Typing (SBT) technology. OLERUP ASSIGN™ SBT v471 is the latest version and provides innovative features and functions that will greatly simplify your HLA analysis. OLERUP ASSIGN™ SBT v471 is fully compatible with Olerup SBT™ typing products or can be used standalone.



TruSight HLA Assign analysis software assists with the assignment of HLA types. The software is designed to analyze data from libraries prepared with Illumina TruSight HLA Sequencing Panels and then sequenced on an Illumina sequencer. Use Assign TruSight HLA to import sequence data, perform base calling, edit sequences, and compare a sample consensus sequence with the IMGT/HLA database of alleles.