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Assign SBT


Assign™ SBT is a software for analysis of HLA sequences using Sequencing Based Typing (SBT) technology.

OLERUP ASSIGN™ SBT v471 is the latest version and provides innovative features and functions that will greatly simplify your HLA analysis. OLERUP ASSIGN™ SBT v471 is fully compatible with Olerup SBT™ typing products or can be used standalone.


System Requirements

OLERUP ASSIGN™ SBT v471 32-bit version will run on Windows 7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit version). Minimum RAM requested is 4GB, but 8GB is recommended. Microsoft Excel 97 or above is required for the creation of reports.
OLERUP ASSIGN™ SBT v471 64-bit version will run on 64-bit windows 7/8/10, and 64-bit version only. Minimum 8GB RAM is requested and 16GB is recommended. Microsoft Excel 97 or above is required for the creation of reports.

Functionality of Olerup Assign SBT v471 software
CWD Alleles highlighted on screen and in reports: Easily identify and discriminate the most common results.
CWD lists can be customized: Adapt lists for you local population or needs.
Display results as alleles, P groups or G groups
Easily toggle between electropherogram, alignment and sequence view
Optional analysis of non-coding data for classI: Exclude null alleles outside of exons
Analysis of sequences with insertion/deletions: Insertions or deletions are correctly identified and sequenced despite peak shift.
HARP reporting for G groups: Limit resolution to functionally different combinations.
HARP Finder: Identify HARPs beforehand, e.g. based on previous typing results
Peak normalization based on previously generated data for improved het. base calling
Direct links to IMGT and allelefrequencies.net for each allele