AlloSeq Assign

The AlloSeq Assign software together with AlloSeq Tx, a targeted hybrid capture NGS sequencing kit, constitute a system for genetic typing and matching. Assign imports sequence data from fastq.gz files generated by an Illumina sequencing instrument, creates a consensus sequence per locus for a sample, enables base call review and editing, and compares the consensus sequence with a library of sequences of reference alleles or a single reference sequence depending on the gene being studied.


Features and functionality of AlloSeq Assign

Imports sequences from multiple samples and multiple loci per sample into a user-friendly interface

View of sample identifiers, loci headers, sequence reads, base calls, and allele assignments

A complete analysis audit trail

Enables analysis of exon data only or exon + non-coding

Generates reports that include CWD alleles, G groups, and P groups

Phase-resolve paired-end sequence data from AlloSeq libraries sequenced on the Illumina sequencing system


Software Requirements

AlloSeq Assign runs on Windows and requires Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 operating systems. Microsoft Excel 97, or later, is required for generating Excel reports.

To ensure optimal performance, use the following minimum computing requirements:

• 1 GHz or faster 64-bit Intel quad-core processor, or equivalent

• 16 GB RAM, minimum

• 16 GB available hard disk space

Sequence data files can be stored locally or on a network location. Depending on network performance, the software might experience a significant delay in processing while files are imported from a network location.