Typing Kits

QTYPE is a Real Time PCR assay that utilizes the multiplexing capabilities of hydrolysis probes to increase the capacity for unique assays in each well. Using hydrolysis probes allows quick and robust typing from low input DNA concentrations and removes the risk of misinterpreting primer dimers and other PCR artefacts seen in Real Time techniques based on intercalating dyes. Due to their sequence-specific nature,hydrolysis probes also contribute towards increased specificity of the assay, potentially decreasing the number of ambiguities in the reported results.

QTYPE is CE/IVD European Union. For research use only – USA and Canada.

For Research Use Only


Product number Product name No. of tests Product group
203.501-01 Colour Compensation Calibration Plate  1 Accessory
203.502-10 Optically-clear PCR sealing sheets 10 Accessory


Product number Product name No. of tests List price
201.701-03 Olerup QTYPE 11
(A, B, C, DRB1, DRB3/4/5, DQA1, DQB1, DPA1, DPB1)
3 Inquire
201.701-10 10 Inquire