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Coeliac Disease

Olerup SSP kits for the screening of disease associated HLA-alleles.

All kits are available in 2 formats: with and without Taq Polymerase. All master mixes contain cresol red, glycerin , PCR buffer and dNTPs. For more information on the kits please follow the different links below for review of product inserts, work sheets, release notes and interpretation tables.


For typing of DQB1 and DQA1 alleles associated with Coeliac Disease:


Product number: 101.903-24
LOT number: 07F
Olerup SSP documentation
File categoryFilename
Package Insert: DQA1-02,05;DQB1-02,0302 2009 07F incl Taq.pdf
Worksheet: DQA1-02,05;DQB1-02,0320 2009 07F worksheet.doc
Release Notes: DQA-02,05;DQB1-02 2008 07F release note.pdf
Interpretation Tables: DQA1-02,05;DQB1-02,0302 2008 07F.pdf