PN: LG-PD5.2-7(20) & LG-PD5.2-7(50)

The HLA-DRB1 assay amplifies the entire exon 2 and exon 3 in a single tube. The assay includes bi-directional sequencing of both exons.


PCR Amplification:
Multiplexed amplification of Exon 2 and Exon 3.


Sequencing strategy:
Forward and reverse sequencing primers provided for exons 2 and exon 3. Codon 86 HARP (GTG motof) provided.


SPP Add-ons:
To further enhance your SBT typing result we recommend the use of Olerup SSP Add-ons for DRB1.

Technical Notes for DRB1 (ST-PD5.2-8)

The ST-PD5.2-8 assay is only available in the US. This DRB1 assay contains the DNA polymerase within the PCR mix.